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Mastering is a wonderful blend of art and technology that together produce the "final say" you want for your music. The equipment is widely available, and just like other facilities we've got great stuff.  It's even likely you own some great gear yourself... but you want and need something more. 

"The best decision I made on this project was to do it with Ultimate Audio. From the first recorded sounds through your advice in the mastering process.... all was given with expertise and clarity...  it was a pleasure to associate with your balance of enthusiasm... and patience."
.                   .   ~ L J Booth, performing songwriter

For many artists, mastering is something a bit mysterious.  You know you're supposed to do it, you're just not exactly sure what it is or why.  A good mastering engineer will optimize your mixes to sound as full as possible.  The point is to have a mastering engineer cross-check your mixes, make them better, and put the project in a form the duplicator expects.  The fun and creative aspect of mastering is taking a collection of mixes, and polishing it into a cohesive work!

At Ultimate Audio, we pride ourselves on an open communication of mastering ideas and options between our engineers and clients, and we provide skilled, experienced, masterful use of what technology can offer -- at a rate musicians can afford. You've put loads of effort into your recording.  Have an experienced engineer who understands and respects your work sweeten your project with the right amount of equalization, dynamics control, and final appropriate loudness.

"I would go as far and wide as need be to work with Tom. In fact, if he were unavailable for a Harmonious Wail project, I would postpone the project until I could coordinate with him. Tom brings recording excellence, artistic creative flow, and the calm assurance that makes every Harmonious Wail recording project one of the great pleasures of my life and career." 
.                   . ~ Sims Delaney-Pothoff, Harmonious Wail

We would hope that most of the information you're looking for while selecting a quality mastering facility will be found on this site. Feel free to contact us with any additional questions you may have, or to check on availability. You may also contact any of the references who have provided e-mail links at the end of their quotes. Thank you for considering us... Enjoy your visit!

"Thanks for all your work on the '96 Gestures' project... the mastering job you did brought out the best in the final mixed versions. I've received many positive comments on the sound of all three CD's in the set." 
.        .  ~ Scott Fields CRI Recording Artist, and New Music Composer

"Tom Blain is one of those rare individuals who has the unique gift of being both artistically creative, and masterful in a technical sense. He has contributed greatly to my recordings over the last ten years, and I look forward to the next ten with him!"
.        . ~ Bryan Sirchio, Crosswind Music

WARNING,  Many CD duplication companies offer "in-house" mastering. This is typically a very limited service, and not at all comparable to in-depth, custom mastering.  End of lecture. 

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